Finding The Best Botox Provider

Botox Santa Monica, CAWhile driving around or shopping online before the holidays strike, you might come upon a sign or an advertisement for Botox treatments. They’re offering a special only for the next few days! Don’t fall for this trap. Simply because a provider is offering a special deal on Botox, it doesn’t mean that you’ll love the results they’ll provide. Botox is so much more than a product. The provider who gives you your Botox injections is just as important, if not more important, than the product itself.

Researching your Botox provider can help you avoid poor results and unintended side effects from poorly-placed injections. In fact, most of the bad Botox jobs are actually caused by providers not doing what they’re supposed to, working too quickly, or not understanding what they’re doing when they place injections.

Avoid bad Botox results by thoroughly researching your intended provider. If you trust someone and they’re offering a deal, that’s amazing! But don’t let the idea of saving a few dollars cause you emotional harm while your face recovers from bad Botox. Remember, you can’t reverse Botox!

Picking Your Provider

How can you pick the best provider for you? Call all of your friends! If they love their provider, they may be willing to share the love. Asking people who have beautiful-beyond-their-years faces may surprise you, too. Sometimes, strangers on the street are more open to discuss their secrets than some of your best friends! Take their suggestion and do your own research so you feel confident.

That being said, ask potential providers for “before” and “after” photos of their Botox patients. That way, you can judge their work and how it will work with your visage. Especially if they treat patients with your same problem areas or concerns, you can see how your results are likely to turn out. You do not want surprises when it comes to Botox treatments, so ask a lot of questions and follow your gut when it tells you to walk away.

Time it Right

The best results may take a week or two to fully take effect, so make sure to plan ahead for holiday parties and events. Keep in mind, that results will start to show after a few days. If you want a subtle look, or want to take your Botox out for a test-drive, feel free to go out before the most dramatic results take place.

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