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Great staff, caring - well educated doctor. Fixed my deviated septum, life changing surgery!
Blake Mathieu
Dr Daneshvar is an angel . I hit a big glass , my nose was broken in 3 places and stiches , found Dr Daneshvar on google, visited him in Terrance office , nade an appointment for surgery in Satna Monica , I was so worried with the stitches how do I feel after operation, he did the operation and after one OK. my nose was completely back to normal . His staff were so helpful and re assuring . Dr and his staff followed up with text and phone call to make sure everything were ok.
Mehdi Bozorgzad
Dr. Daneshrad’s clinic is clean, modern, and conveniently located. The staff were very polite, professional, and helpful. Most importantly, Dr. Daneshrad was very nice and explained the details and treatment options patiently while smiling the whole time. I would highly recommend him.
Brandon Yoon
Dr Daneshrad placed Latera implants into my nose (10/23) to address nasal valve collapse on both sides. I was absolutely pleased with my experience (both with the Dr and his staff) and have benefited greatly from the procedure. For context, i only write reviews when i have something very positive to share. Here is how my experience went: I initially reached out to the clinic on a weekend and they were able to see me by midweek. At my first appointment, i was impressed by Dr. Daneshrad’s approach to diagnosing my issue. He was thorough but certain, hallmark of a very skillful and experienced doctor and so it proved. The doctor went through my options clearly and helped me to understand the rationale for his recommendations - this is not always the case when seeing a specialist and it was much appreciated. After this, i went away to think on it for a bit. I scheduled a telemedicine follow up with the doctor to ask a few questions which he was happy to answer. When i decided to proceed, Carol, the office manager, made navigating the insurance and scheduling process very smooth. Highest marks for her as well - a cold forced me to reschedule at one point and she went above and beyond to get me rescheduled ASAP. As for the procedure, it was truly a breeze. It was installed under local anesthesia which the doctor took great care in administering. Before installation, Dr Daneshrad determined the optimal location for the implants, paying great attention to detail. He radiated skill and expertise, no joke, and i felt immediate improvement. (It does take time for implants to fully settle in). The whole process took about 30mins. As i was told, downtime was minimal - i took off work that day but could have done my job without issue. Only pain during the whole procedure came during the anesthetic injection but this was very minor. Truly, i had no idea what to expect from this procedure but based on the doctor’s advice, i went with it and i have been very impressed so far. If you are suffering from Nasal Valve collapse, please consider this relatively new approach to the problem. And as i say above, I only have good things to say about the doctor and staff. Highly recommended.
Normally, I write reviews when things go wrong, but today, my review is for my experience with Dr. Daneshrad that went brilliantly right! I recently went in for my first Juvederm lip filler consult and treatment. I was instantly impressed with Dr. Daneshrad’s medical pedigree and professionalism. His calming personality immediately put me at ease. We subsequently discussed potential Botox filler, and how it could help my frown line and slight crows feet. As I had just turned 50, I didn’t think Botox was necessary just yet, but after our discussion, I thought I would give it a try, since I was already there. Omg, I’m so glad I did! There was no question that I would love the lip filler (I’ve been wanting it for years), but the Botox completely removed the frown line and wrinkles, and when coupled with the lip filler, I truly felt and looked younger! The entire procedure was quick and painless. I did experience some minor bruising on my lips, but that was expected. In any event, if you’re looking for a true medical professional with a beautiful office and helpful staff, visit Dr. Daneshrad.
Heidi Wang
Great experience at Dr. Daneshrad’s office! Friendly team, clean office, and awesome results. He listens to your wants and delivers. Doesn’t push you into “looks” you don’t want. Very welcoming!
Emily Enos
I was treated like a queen every one were so caring and explained it to me about my procedure
Fariba Bagheri
Called with an emergency thinking I would have to wait weeks. Not here. They gave me an appointment for the next day. In three days I was better! If you need an ENT Dr. Daneshrad is the doctor to visit.
Patrizia Barretto
Efficient, friendly, knowledgeable. I definitely feel I’m in good hands.
jeni hugs
Dr. Payam Daneshrad and his staff are very professional and personable. I was misdiagnosed with an inner ear Vertigo problem a week earlier at an Emergency Clinic in Marina del Rey, but Dr. Daneshrad determined I actually have Viral Labarinthitis instead. I highly recommend him!
Craig Feagins

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"Great experience at Dr. Daneshrad’s office! Friendly team, clean office, and awesome results. He listens to your wants and delivers. Doesn’t push you into “looks” you don’t want. Very welcoming!"

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