What Causes Nosebleeds?

man suffering from nose bleeding, black and white panoramaNosebleeds are a common condition that occurs in most patients at one time or another during their lifetime. They are typically not too serious and can be treated at home. However, in some cases, nosebleeds can be a sign of a more serious condition and may require medical attention. If you are experiencing frequent nosebleeds and live in the areas of Santa Monica or Torrance, CA, it may be time to connect with a board-certified orolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon to determine the case and find a solution.

What Are Nosebleeds?

Nosebleeds happen when blood vessels in the nose break and bleed. The most common variety of nosebleeds is an anterior nosebleed, which can occur when the blood vessels near the front of the nose are ruptured. These make up about 90% of all nosebleeds and are usually not serious. A posterior nosebleed, which is less common, can occur when the blood vessels near the back of the nose are ruptured. These can be pretty serious and even life-threatening. This is why an evaluation with a doctor when chronic nosebleeds are occurring is highly recommended.

What Can Cause Nosebleeds?

Nosebleeds are caused by a number of things, including picking your nose, blowing your nose too hard, or having dry sinuses. Other causes include allergies, colds, the flu, and sinus infections. Trauma to the nose can also cause nosebleeds. In some instances, nosebleeds might even be a sign of a more severe condition, such as a blood clotting disorder or high blood pressure.

If You Have Frequent or Severe Nosebleeds, Call Your Doctor To Rule Out Serious Underlying Medical Conditions

Dr. Payam Daneshrad is a board-certified orolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon who can evaluate you to determine the cause of your nosebleeds. Call 310-453-6500 to request an appointment at his Torrance or Santa Monica, CA practice locations to discuss your needs and have an initial examination and consultation visit with our professionals. By visiting a doctor when experiencing chronic nosebleeds, you can get answers to your questions by obtaining a definitive diagnosis of your condition and seeking solutions with effective treatment options.

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