When should I worry about chronic nosebleeds?

Nosebleeds, or “epistaxis,” can happen to anyone at any time. They are caused by blood vessels in the nose that are broken or damaged. They are common, with approximately 60% of people experiencing a nosebleed at some point during their lifetime. However, what if you are having chronic nosebleeds? What if your nosebleeds are severe and accompany other symptoms? At Daneshrad Clinic, we understand that chronic nosebleeds can be troublesome. With a proper evaluation to determine the cause of the nosebleeds, many patients can find relief with our ENT specialist, Dr. Payam Daneshrad. 

What type of nosebleed am I experiencing? 

There are two main types of nosebleeds. An anterior nosebleed is when blood comes from the front of the nose, while a posterior nosebleed is when blood originates from the back of the nose, which can cause blood to flow down the back of the throat. Determining the type of nosebleed and the cause can help patients find relief. 

What causes a nosebleed? 

Occasional nosebleeds may occur due to: 

  • Dry air/low humidity levels
  • Seasonal and environmental allergies
  • Nasal infections
  • Nose blowing that ruptures blood vessels
  • Medication that prevents blood clotting
  • Genetic clotting disorders such as hemophilia
  • Hemorrhagic telangiectasia
  • Malignment or benign tumors in the nose
  • Injury to the nose (fractures, etc.)

What are treatment options for nosebleeds? 

The treatment for a nosebleed will vary depending on the cause. For example, those who are experiencing nosebleeds due to dry air may want to use a humidifier in the spaces of their house or office where they spend the most time. For patients who have tumors in the nose, removal may resolve chronic nosebleeds. With a proper evaluation, patients can work with Dr. Payam Daneshrad to obtain the most effective treatment for their needs. 

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Santa Monica and Torrance, CA area patients who are experiencing regular nosebleeds and are interested in an evaluation are encouraged to contact our professional team by calling (310) 453-6500 for an appointment. Dr. Payam Daneshrad is a board-certified orolaryngologist who can assist patients with this and other ear, nose, and throat concerns at his state-of-the-art facilities. With two office locations, new patients can seek the care they desire.  

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