Find Relief from Chronic Sinusitis with Balloon Sinus Dilation Treatment

Male chronic sinusitis patient blowing his noseDo you suffer from chronic sinusitis? Are you ready for relief?

With the help of the team at Daneshrad Clinic, men and women can finally get treatment for chronic, long-term sinus issues. Torrance and Santa Monica, CA area patients who are faced with chronic sinusitis are welcome to ask our team of professionals about the benefits of undergoing a procedure called balloon sinus dilation.

What is balloon sinus dilation?

Also known as BSD, this advanced surgical technique is used to treat chronic sinusitis and other similar health problems with a minimally invasive procedure. During balloon sinus dilation, a thin endoscope is inserted into the nose. A small balloon is then gently inflated through the tube when in the sinus area to widen the blocked airways and allow sinus fluid to properly drain.

What are the benefits of balloon sinus dilation?

By using this treatment procedure, patients can benefit with:

  • Less bleeding
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Affordable treatment
  • Effective results
  • Safe, FDA-approved treatment
  • Minimally invasive solution

Is balloon sinus dilation right for me?

Patients who struggle with consistent sinus issues may be a decent candidate for this or other minimally invasive techniques to open the airways. However, the best way to determine if a patient is right for BSD is to undergo an initial consultation and evaluation with the team at Daneshrad Clinic. Dr. Payam Daneshrad will provide a thorough examination and discuss with patients the treatments they are best suited for. While balloon sinus dilation is a less invasive and effective way of opening up the sinuses, it may not be an option for all sinus issues. By working with a professional with experience in providing this treatment, patients can get a better understanding of the procedure and decide if it is appropriate for their specific and unique medical situation.

Interested in learning more about balloon sinus dilation?

Patients who suffer from chronic sinusitis in the areas of Torrance and Santa Monica, CA are encouraged to speak to our team at Daneshrad Clinic. Dr. Payam Daneshrad can assist patients in seeking relief with balloon sinus dilation as an inpatient procedure. Call the office at (310) 453-6500 to schedule an appointment at one of the two convenient locations.

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