Learn more about anosmia, a disorder that can result in complete loss of smell

Loss of smellAt Daneshrad Clinic, patients in the area of Santa Monica, CA can visit with a board-certified otolaryngologist to seek treatment for a wide range of conditions. Dr. Payam Daneshrad can assist with the diagnosis and treatment of problems such as anosmia, or loss of smell. Anosmia may include partial or complete loss of one’s sense of smell. Anosmia can be either temporary or permanent, depending on the underlying cause.

What causes anosmia?

Anosmia may be caused by mucus or nasal obstruction, and in situations such as this, medication may improve one’s sense of smell. However, there are underlying medical conditions that can result in the loss of smell. These include an injury to the nose, growths in the nose or sinuses, radiation treatment for neck and head cancers, and certain pharmaceuticals used to treat Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis.

How is anosmia diagnosed?

Most men and women experience anosmia due to a stuffy nose and head caused by allergies or the common cold. In situations such as this, decongestants can help restore one’s sense of smell. However, patients who experience smell loss without a concurrent nasal condition such as these, and those who experience the condition for several weeks, need to seek a medical evaluation. Dr. Payam Daneshrad of California can examine a patient to determine if there is a problem in the nose or nasal passages that could be contributing to a reduced or lost sense of smell. In some cases, a CT scan may be needed to allow the doctor the opportunity to get a clearer vision of the nasal pathways. In some instances, patients experiencing anosmia may be dealing with an infection that requires antibiotics to treat. In cases where a patient has a growth or polyp in the nasal cavity, a surgical procedure may be used to remove the growth and restore the sense of smell.

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If you reside in the area of Torrance and Santa Monica, CA and want to be seen by a board-certified otolaryngologist in the community, we welcome you to call (310) 453-6500 and schedule a visit to the Daneshrad Clinic. Men and women who are experiencing symptoms of the loss of smell can be seen by our professional for a full evaluation, proper diagnosis, and effective treatment.

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