Springtime Surgery

Female wearing sunglasses in the springtimeWhile you may be thinking about summer and what your body looks like, spring is a great time for procedures for the face, too. That’s because often springtime brings with it weight loss, great weather, and the best timing for healing. Keep reading to learn more. Just a few of the advantages to getting plastic surgery like a facelift during the spring include:

School is Still In

If you have kids, then you know that the clock is ticking before school is out for the summer. Springtime is the last opportunity for you to have some alone-time before summer arrives and the kids are home all day. Take advantage of that free time now. Or, if you happen to be in college or school, you can take advantage of spring break to have a procedure and allow healing to happen before you return.

Holidays are Far Away

Many of us set New Year’s resolutions that include our health or our body image. So if you set a goal to lose some of that excess weight, you may be starting to notice the results of your hard work at the gym or your diet changes. A facial procedure is often not thought of in terms of weight or weight loss, but it can be easier to imagine your final result when your weight is closest to your ideal goal. And, you may even have lost weight in the face! That lost weight can impact what you choose to get, procedure-wise.


The fact is that weather does affect your healing time and can even impact your results from a facial surgery. If you opted for a blepharoplasty in the summer, for example, extra time in the sun could lead to slower recovery times, and even a more noticeable scar after healing is complete. Spring is generally still cool enough for you to stay inside and avoid damaging UV rays.

If you want to schedule an appointment to improve your appearance before the busyness and skin-baring season is upon us, don’t delay. Call us today at 310.453.6500 to schedule a consultation and get the look you want before summer hits!

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