What is septoplasty and why is it performed?

Are you seeking a solution for nasal obstruction? If you find it hard to breathe and are considering surgical procedures for nasal obstruction, it might be time to visit with Dr. Payam Daneshrad at the Daneshrad Clinic in Santa Monica and Torrance, CA. Our team of professionals are here to help patients who have a deviated septum by providing services such as a septoplasty. 

What is the septoplasty procedure? 

For patients in the California area who have a deviated nasal septum, a procedure such as the septoplasty might be recommended by Dr. Payam Daneshrad. The septoplasty is a surgery that is used to straighten the septum inside of the nose to allow for improved breathing. The nasal septum is the wall that separates the nasal passages by the nostrils. It is made of both cartilage and bone. When crooked, it can cause a blockage in the airways making it difficult for patients to breathe. The septoplasty is performed as a medical, functional procedure and not for cosmetic purposes. This allows it to often be covered by a patient’s health insurance as it is not an elective procedure. 

Do I need a septoplasty? 

Patients who have trouble breathing due to a misaligned or crooked nasal septum will find that they can achieve relief with the septoplasty procedure. This is a common procedure performed by ENT specialists such as the team at Daneshrad Clinic. If patients have been diagnosed with a deviated septum and have been unable to find relief through other, more conservative methods, this surgery may be recommended to a patient seeking a clearer nasal airway. 

What happens during the septoplasty procedure? 

During the septoplasty, the goal of the doctor is to repair the nasal septum. An incision is made through which the mucosa is separated from the cartilage and bone of the septum. The cartilage is then straightened or trimmed before the mucosa is replaced and a nasal splint has been placed. 

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