What to do about fall allergies

You know what it feels like—itchy, watery eyes; sneezing and runny nose, tickly throat and dry cough. But what can be done about seasonal allergies? Dr. Payam Daneshrad of Santa Monica and Torrance, California is a professional who can help patients find relief during the fall when allergies tend to worsen for those with environmental allergies.

How to find out if you have season allergies

The best way to determine if your runny nose and dry cough are caused by allergies is to have allergy testing completed at Daneshrad Clinic. Our team of professionals can evaluate you and perform allergy testing to get you a definitive diagnosis of your condition before finding the most effective treatment solution. Common testing options include skin prick testing, intradermal dilutional testing, or modified RAST testing (blood testing). Once the doctor is able to pinpoint the cause of the allergies, solutions are discussed.

What are some common treatments for seasonal allergies?

There are several different ways in which patients can approach their season allergies:

  • Avoidance therapy. While it may seem obvious, the avoidance of certain allergens will keep allergic reactions from occurring. This is because it reduces exposure to the allergens which cause the common symptoms. While this may be impossible, seasonal allergies can still be reduced by changing air filters, more regular cleaning of the house with HEPA filter vacuums, and certain household and lifestyle modifications that can help reduce allergens around the house that may travel inside from open windows or doors.
  • Medication. The most common way of combating seasonal allergies is with antihistamines and nasal sprays that reduce allergy symptoms. Most are available over-the-counter, while there are some prescription strength options that may be considered for more severe allergies or allergy symptoms that do not respond to drugstore options.
  • Desensitizing immunotherapy. Another option includes allergy injections, which are done each week in Daneshrad Clinic and can help build up a patient’s tolerance to certain allergens in their environment.

Are you struggling with fall allergies?

Now is the time to connect with a board certified professional in the Torrance and Santa Monica, California areas to speak to a doctor about your needs. Dr. Payam Daneshrad can be reached by calling (310) 453-6500 to schedule a consultation appointment at any of his conveniently locations. Daneshrad clinic works hard to provide patients with solutions for their allergies each and every season!

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