When Do I Need to Have a Tonsillectomy?

TonsillectomyWhen patients are advised to have their tonsils removed, they may wonder if it is a good idea. At Daneshrad Clinic, our team will evaluate patients of all ages to determine if tonsil removal, called a tonsillectomy, can help resolve a variety of issues.

What are the tonsils?

The tonsils are oval-shaped lumps that are at the back of the throat. There is one on each side. They are part of the body’s immune system and can help fight against bacteria and viruses. However, the tonsils themselves can become infected, resulting in a condition known as tonsillitis. While more common in children, adults can experience infected tonsils as well.

Can I take medicines instead of surgically removing my tonsils?

While surgery to remove the tonsils used to be extremely common, more doctors today consider treating tonsillitis and will delay surgery until it becomes more necessary. Most cases of tonsillitis are caused by a virus, so patients will need to ride out their condition with rest and over-the-counter pain medications. When tonsillitis is caused by a bacteria, it can be treated with antibiotics to clear up the infection.

When should I consider surgical removal of the tonsils?

Tonsillitis can be treated as it occurs, but if patients find that their condition keeps coming back on a routine basis and impacts their health and quality of life, the doctor may recommend the removal of the tonsils. Recurring tonsillitis is one of the more common reasons why a tonsillectomy is performed. Additionally, some patients may experience other problems that can be complicated by the tonsils, such as obstructive sleep apnea or the development of tumors. In these situations, the doctor may have patients consider the benefits of surgery. Surgery can be performed in both children and adults as needed.

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If you reside in the areas of Torrance and Santa Monica, CA and want to work with a board-certified otolaryngologist to have your tonsils removed, we encourage you to call Dr. Payam Daneshrad of Daneshrad Clinic today. The front office team can be reached by calling (310) 453-6500.

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